Casa al Gianni


In 1927 Angelo Bezzini, with his wife Annunziata and his two daughters Solidea and Lidia, moved from Campriano to the farm “Casa al Gianni” which was part of Simignano’s farm, continuing to work as a sharecropper.
He carried out different activities such us sowing, chestnut harvesting and timber cutting but in particular he bred swines of the Cinta Senese’s race, as his grandfather did in the middle of the nineteenth century.

His third son Giuseppe, was born in 1929. During his period of growth he helped his father in various activities. Since he was a child he had pointed out his interest toward the swines of Cinta Senese.
I want to tell you a little anecdote: his favorite game was to take stones of different size to create his pig family; the bigger ones symbolized the boar and the sow while the smaller ones symbolized their little pigs. He was able to spend whole afternoons creating his imaginary breeding.

In 1956 Giuseppe married Lorena and in 1958 was born Andrea his only child.
Like his father before his, since he was a guy Andrea started to work in the farm and to carry on family activities.
With the increase of industrialization and the eventually end of sharecropping, the campaign began to be depopulated and the owner of Simignano’s farm decided to sell his property.

In that moment Giuseppe had deal with an important decision that would have changed his life and the life of his family.
In 1972 Giuseppe and Lorena crowned their dream buying the whole farm oh Simignano.

Since that moment it was a succession of elements that led Giuseppe to realize his activity of breeder. Between the 70’s and the 80’s he was recognized “rescuer of Cinta Senese”, he was the last one to have breeding stock during the period when Cinta Senese risked extinction.

In 1985 with his son Andrea built a new stable and he bought a lot of lands. The ownership became about 420 ha.
In 1988 Andrea married Elsa and in 1989 Cristina was born.

In 1995 the family decided to renovate the farm called “Casa al Gianni” starting a new agritourism activity. In 2005 an important event was the renovation of an old bard which extended the activity of the farm.

At the end, in 2016 they restored an ancient squeegee to produce chestnut flour.
The company today continue to develop the strengths of the family like typicalness, wisdom flavors for about a hundred years.

Casa al Gianni

A farmhouse in tuscan countryside since 1927